Activave Rolling Pin, Wooden Rolling Pin, Dough Rolling Pin, Traditional Design, Solid Wood Rolling Pin (30 cm Wooden Rolling Pin)

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Brand: Activave

Color: Beige


  • Activave rolling pin makes it easy for knead dough to intended thickness for both beginners or experienced baker. Perfect for making pasta, cookie, pastry, pizza, fondant, chapatti, dumplings & much more! Made from strong, moisture-resistant hardwood.
  • The stylish looking, thick handle fits perfectly in your hand giving you excellent grip. This premier quality tool has been ergonomically designed for ease of hold and use
  • Comfortable handles offer ease of use and control while rolling various types of dough such as bread, pastries, and cookies. Also works well for crushing breadcrumbs and crackers.
  • If you love making and eating delicious foods and are looking for a perfect gadget to make your life easy, then search no further!
  • Use for for all your dough, pizza and pie crusts, pastries, cut-out cookies, cake, biscuits, fondant cake, lasagna sheets or filo pastry.
  • It is your indispensable food helper, fall in love with your kitchen starting from the pin. Great kitchen utensils for bakers & Chefs
  • Start your gourmet journey, enjoy the fun of DIY, sharing delicious food with your family, bring more warmth and joy
  • Family activities are the best accompany for kids. Let your children share in the joy of baking with this wooden rolling pin.